It was the first international screening of the film, November 9th, at 12:00 o'clock, Cottbus Film Festival, Germany.

The audience was very interested in the film. The emotions during the screening were reticent, but still there were any. For...


The film is subtitled in English.

26 October (Saturday), 15:15, 5 BGN

27 October (Sunday), 16:00, 5 BGN

30 October (Wednesday), 17:00, 5 BGN

31 October (Thursday), 16:00, 5 BGN


Roma Quixote premiere - the hall

Bulgarian premiere of the documentary "Roma Quixote" was a wonderful experience. The hall was full of people; a lot of warm applause; in the middle of the movie only five people leaved the hall dissatisfied with the positive aspect in the presentation...

Valeri Lekov works with children

The biggest shock in the shooting process was our parting with the protagonist Valyo. Valyo's leaving was gently and he reasonably explained how embarrassing it has become for him the shooting of the film. We started preparing him for shooting a year...


The program in Prizren, Kosovo, was so tense, that we couldn’t afford making photos. From the strange and unfamiliar atmosphere to the competition between projects – everybody went through uncertainty, desperation and finally confidence and good...