Screen shot from the movie Roma Quixote

A curious breed of people lives in the Roma neighborhood in Kyustendil. Watching, the film follows the events in the life of four such persons for a period of one year. One part of the neighborhood is urbanized, where the leading characters live, another part is the ghetto, while the square with shops and cafes are in the middle. There are comical contrasts and inevitable similarities between them.

Valery (Roma Quixote) is a middle-aged man. He is extremely intelligent and sensitive amateur actor and poet. Valeri works ad reporter in the Bulgarian national Radio in Sofia, but he lives in a prefabricated block of flats in Kyustendil. Although he overcame the unequal start resulting from his origin, he cannot cut his “umbilical cord” attaching him to the Roma neighborhood and he spends every day his time there. To be able to live “like a Bulgarian” in town, he pays off a large credit, which forces his wife to work in Greece. The film touches on some “windmills” in his everyday life.

The parents of another character – Dalila – are also working abroad. She graduates from vocational school in light industry, profile “Hairdressing” and experiences her “desired” graduation ball, which is like a sumptuous wedding (and practically moves weddings in Roma neighborhood several years later). As each young person, she is confronted with a choice in life: study further, work, marry her boy-friend or help her parents in Sweden?

On the other hand, Svetla (a Bessarabian Bulgarian from the Ukraine) has returned from abroad. She has created a family with Zhivko – a man of Roma origin, living in the neighborhood, and they have two wonderful straw-blond boys and harmonious relationships. The film follows the birth of her second child and the first visit of Svetla’s mother from the Ukraine.

Even if borders today are open and blurred, for our last character - Emo – they are simply narrow. He is in grade eight at school, and was born and grew up in the real ghetto. It is usually considered integration, when someone “leaves”, but when he was asked “where do you want to get integrated”, he replied “Well, I stay here”. His parents finished grade three.

As an exotic accent, a group of Dutchmen steal into the migrations as NGO representatives, in order to enrich the live of the children in the neighborhood.